Our Cupertino movers and packers are ready to assist as you move from one living place to the next. Pedro’s Cupertino moving services has the necessary equipment to help you move successfully, and will let you borrow up to 10 different Wardrobe Boxes at a time, which can make your move a bit easier. This Cupertino moving company also offers several in-home moving services, and carries three different types of insurance: Cargo, Liability, and Worker’s Comp.

If you have found that you are short on essential moving supplies, do not worry – we have you covered. This is because our Cupertino moving services offer an array of packing supplies for purchase. Some of what you will find includes bubble wrap, boxes, tape, packing paper, and much more. Although it is normal to worry about larger items – such as furniture – arriving safely at the next destination, our Cupertino moving team is ready to assist. For safety and security, we allow you to shrink wrap all of your furniture for free.

Our Cupertino movers and packers go above and beyond the call of duty. For example, we can help to load and unload your PODS moving truck or container. Whether you have a lot of belongings in storage, or just a few items, we are more than capable to help. Leave your biggest worries to us as our Cupertino moving company is happy to assist with your most valuable possessions. Our Cupertino movers will gladly provide you with proof of insurance on the same day it is requested.