Why Choose Pedro’s Moving Services in Walnut Creek?

Pedro’s moving company is proud to offer high quality Walnut Creek moving services to those who need it. If you are getting ready to move from one location to the next, consider hiring our Walnut Creek movers and packers. Some of the benefits we offer include all the necessary equipment for your move, in addition to borrowing up to 10 Wardrobe Boxes for free. Our Walnut Creek moving company is covered by three different types of insurance, which are required by the CPUC: cargo, liability, and workers’ comp.

To make your day a little bit easier, our Walnut Creek movers are prepared to handle all of your needs. Whether it is getting your most fragile belongings safely to the next destination, or ensuring that all of your items survive the moving process without getting scratched or damaged, you can count on us. This is because we offer professional in-home moving services for the big day.

If you have started packing only to realize that you do not have one or more of the essentials that you need, you are not alone. Fortunately, we have already anticipated such surprises and are here to help. We sell a variety of essential packaging supplies, from boxes and tape, to bubble wrap and packing paper. Our Walnut Creek moving team is ready to help ease the strain and soreness of moving, as we are standing by to help load and unload your PODS moving truck or container, so that you do not have to stress yourself out.